Six weeks now since foot surgery and still limping around. But I am making progress. I was starting to get a little depressed about it all (as in I want my heels!), but I went to the doctor today and am now out of the bandages. I still have swelling and numbness and can't get my foot into closed-toe shoes, and I will have to wear a splint to bed at night, but I am feeling hopeful. My doctor says I should start to feel a real difference by week nine.

Fourteen weeks into the semester now. Where did this academic year go? And I have decided not to teach this summer. I really did not have a break last summer...not one complete week to myself from May until we went back in August. Not going to happen this summer. This summer is going to be all mine.

First Farmers Market of the year on Saturday. That is my favorite Saturday morning thing. And the weather should be perfect...something like 70. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes Bill has made this year.

And I can't help but note Trisha's birthday (Wed. April 22). Hope you have a great one, my friend the Earth child and most loyal blog follower!


Trisha said…
I am Mother Nature's mildly slow twin! We share a birthday but while she's rocking it out, I'm trudging through trying to figure out my place.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Now as my present I really want you to be my date to the social this Friday!!!!! Are you going? If you stand next to me, you won't need heels!!!!
Deborah said…
Sure, I will be your date, Trisha! Looking forward to Friday...should be fun.

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