First Official Day of Summer Break

Zuri...such a sweet dog

It's amazing the things you can get done when you don't have to go to work. My first official day on summer break was quite productive in a nice, relaxing way. I washed my sheets and hung them out to dry, did some academic reading and a touch of writing, got the dog groomed (she was so overdue for that!) and took her for a walk, and even grilled steaks for supper. As I was washing supper dishes, my younger son brought his plate to the counter and said, "Thanks for cooking us dinner, Mom." It made me feel a little pathetic that my son sees an evening meal as a treat, yet then again a nice family dinner isn't something he takes for granted.

On the academic side of life, I ordered some books from and academic, no juicy romance novels...those would only depress me, I think. Here is what I have coming:

  • Sexual/Textual Politics by Toril Moi

  • Teaching Maritime Studies by Phillip Buckner

  • The Territory of Language by Donald McQuade

  • The Empire Writes Back by Bill Ashcroft et al

  • Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung

  • Is There a Text in This Class? by Stanley Fish

The books are all for the syntheses and dissertation. I have 12 full pages completed on my English Studies synthesis. I want to get it wrapped up in the next week and get started on my pedagogy synthesis. So, now it's time to move to the deck (my new office) for a little more reading and writing...


I have Empire Writes Back. I used it a great deal in my masters thesis.
Deborah said…
I am thinking it will be something I use in my pedagogy chapter of the diss.

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