My Midwestern Life

This week has brought us Midwesterners record-breaking temps, multiple days of 70-degree weather. Last week I was riding with three upper layers, thermal tights, two pairs of socks, and winter gloves in 45-degrees and 25+ mph wind. Yesterday I rode in shorts and a short-sleeve jersey, sweating as the temp topped 80. Outside of a chance of thunderstorms here and there, the ten-day forecast shows nothing but 60- and 70-degree days. And I'm taking full advantage.
On Tuesday I headed out on the 14-mile Tri the Du course for the first time this year. I had last ridden the course on a cold, gray, windy December day with sporadic bursts of snow flurries pelting my face. Tuesday's ride couldn't have been any more perfect...sunny, 60, 5 mph wind. As many times as I have ridden this course, I never tire of it. In all its open flatness, these rural Bourbonnais roads ground me in a way I can't quite explain. This is my thing, what I most enjoy doing, heading out all alone onto this relatively small expanse of Illinois' richest farmland. It's my medicine.


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