Back to the Road

The weather here in the Midwest has not been all that conducive yet for road cycling. The entire month of March was consistently downright cold and snowy in the 30-40 degree range. The entire month was pretty much blanketed in snow. Right when you'd think you saw the last bit of snow for the winter, another system would swoop on in and leave us with a few more inches.

Last March, on the other hand, was freakishly above average with many consecutive days of 60, 70, and even 80 degree days. I logged 412 miles last year in March alone. Not a chance this year. So I was particularly anxious and planned to be ready come the first snowless, above-40 opportunity to set those bike tires on pavement. One Friday afternoon in late March the thermometer finally hit 42 and it was sunny and the snow had all melted and the wind was a mild 7 mph. First opportunity for an outdoor ride in many months, and I was beyond ready for it. I bundled up in my fleece-lined running tights, cycling shorts, base layer, thermal long-sleeve jersey, neoprene jacket, gloves with liners, skull cap, helmet, two pairs of socks, and shoe covers -- and I got out.

I didn't have much time to ride as it was late afternoon by the time I got home from work and headed out, and I had evening plans with a friend, but I got 10.85 miles in. Ahh...that first outdoor ride of the year. It was so very wonderful.


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