Bike Commuting Challenge: Week 4

The end of week four in this challenge marks a mini milestone: 1/4 of the way through! :)

This week started out sweltering again with 94 degrees and a heat index of 102 for Monday's commute home and 97 degrees for Tuesday's commute home. Yet Thursday brought cooler temps of 79 degrees. Wonderful! But coupled with 27 mph wind gusts. Then Friday was even cooler with a high of 67 and 22 mph gusts. What a range in weather this week! Thankfully, though, no rain to contend with.

I'm still commuting on my road bike, but I anticipate a switch to my hybrid within the next week or so. I'm thinking the hybrid will provide a bit better traction when the commutes start getting wet. I've been pretty lucky so far in that I have faced only one rainy commuting day. In looking at the 10-day forecast, though, I think week five might not be so accommodating.

I don't have anything profound to say this week. All in all, the first four weeks of  this project have gone pretty smoothly and I am enjoying the challenge, so in celebration of this mini milestone, I'd like to share a few pictures I've taken while commuting these last four weeks:

^ Geese on the Riverfront Trail

^ ...and behind KCC

^ Along Riverfront Trail

^ Early signs of fall

^ Acorns suddenly covered the trail this week

^ The Kankakee train depot, taken on the way in one morning

^ Riding through Perry Farm one morning late last week

^ Can't park any closer than this!

Let me also take this time to thank all of you who are following my challenge and who have supported me and encouraged me. I'm having fun. 


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