Running (out of excuses)!

Here it is: sunny and 61 degrees on Thanksgiving day, a perfect day for running. No more excuses!

I haven't run since August 8! But I keep running into running friends who keep asking me whether I have been running or not, and I realize how much I have missed it and them. I saw Valerie at Target, hadn't seen her in months, and to my surprise, she had a beautiful baby girl with her. I didn't even know she was pregnant. Of course, she isn't running now, but we talked about our (lack of) running. Then I saw John, also first time in months, maybe even years, on campus, and he told me how in his fifties he has decided to simply run through the pain (and then just have surgery if need be!). No excuses for him! Then I saw Erin picking up her kids at school (our kids go to the same school), and she had just come from running. I felt such a twinge of envy.

I saw all of these friends in the same week, and I suddenly felt really motivated to dust off my running shoes.

So today Colin and I ran, and Nick rode my bike. Colin ran 1 1/2 miles, and I went on to 2 miles. Our times weren't great by any means. Our first mile took us 10:40, and my second was 11:17 (a far cry from my personal best of a 24:10 5K). But I felt good just being out there again, thanks to my friends.


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