I'm Training for the Chicago Marathon

How did this happen, anyway? I merely wanted to start running again, and so last Monday I got out and ran two miles. That two miles led to starting to run three miles with my friend Erin for further motivation, which then led to me getting all motivated to the point of starting a 15K training program just for the hell of it, just to keep me going. Then my thinking was that I might look for a 10-miler or a half-marathon to run later in the summer in order to motivate me to stick to the motivational 15K training program, you know, to give the program a real purpose.

Now there is a real purpose all right. Erin is the regional director of the American Cancer Society, and during one of our running conversations, she mentioned that she was thinking about running the Chicago Marathon as a Charity Runner for ACS. Good for you, I thought, but I didn't give it much thought for myself. Obviously, though, Erin knows me well enough to know that all she had to do was put that bug in my ear. I thought about it briefly, but then I dismissed the idea just as briefly. And I really had not given the Chicago Marathon another thought--until I got an email from Erin last night telling me that she had signed up and it was the last night to do so as a Charity Runner. Ooooh, the pressure of time. I immediately signed up, too.

Now I am committed in a very big way. I must raise $950. Yikes! If I don't, I am responsible for it. You can bet I will be talking about this a lot over the next few months! If you would like to offer a bit of support, I would greatly appreciate it. Find out more by going to my personal Charity Runner webpage.

Check back here often for updates on my progress! I should have some good stories to tell over the upcoming months.


Trisha said…
I'm training to get through the 20 minute Tae-Bo Basic workout.....

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