Ahhh! Sweet Progress!

I finally have my home office set up. That desk and vertical file sat in pieces on the floor for longer than I care to admit to. When Sweet Puppy started chewing on the legs of the desk, I decided I had better put my desk together before she ate it. The only problem I have to deal with yet is where I am going to put all 567 of my books. I temporarily piled them all in my son's closet, but then I needed certain books that, of course, were buried and needed digging out. Now there are books stacked inside and outside of the closet in little piles. Today someone is coming over to discuss building bookshelves somewhere, so, hopefully, I will soon be even more organized!

Now if I could only make some progress on all of my writing projects!


Trisha said…
That is an absolutely awesome room Deb! I am so jealous!
Deborah said…
Thanks, Trisha! I can't wait to see your kitchen!!

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