Did I really say that?

That I was going to work out on vacation? Hahahah. I took my workout clothes but never even took them out of the suitcase. I could have done without the extra weight, too, as my suitcase tipped the scales at 51 pounds and was marked with a caution tag on the return trip. Those of you who know me well know that it most likely had more to do with the number of shoes I took rather than the workout clothes.

I did have good intentions, though. I went straight to the fitness center upon boarding the ship to check things out, but not to work out at that point. I simply wanted to get aquainted with the space where I was certain I would be spending a lot of time over the next week. Then I got all excited when I saw sign-up sheets for yoga and cycling and signed right up for the next morning's 8 a.m. yoga class and the waiting list for the 9 a.m. cycling class. As the day went on, however, the thought of waking up early to go to yoga and cycling became less and less appealing. As I ate more and more, I wanted to work out less and less. By 10 p.m. that evening, I was in the fitness center again, this time there to erase my name from the sign-up sheets.

I never went back. I have a nice tan, though.


Trisha said…
Vacation is not about working out; it's about relaxing, so you did exactly what you were supposed to do! :)
Deborah said…
Yes, those were my thoughts. I figured I could do yoga and cycling at home!

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