And What Is in Your Water?

Do you know? You should. Take it from someone who was affected by a petroleum spill by Shell Oil that was covered up for far too many years. Don't take it for granted that your drinking water is risk-free or that you can trust local governments or water companies to ensure that it is. There are too many environmental links to cancer to not be concerned about what is going into your body.

One small inexpensive step you can take is to buy a water-filtrating pitcher, like this nifty little Brita I just purchased for $31.99, that is supposed to reduce the amounts of copper, mercury, and cadmium that might be in your tap water. Just a small price to pay in taking some measure to protect your liver and kidneys. The taste of the water is much improved as well; even my kids have noticed that.

Just a little public service announcement from Wordchick, free of charge.


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