Bundt Cake #8: Almond Cream Cheese for a Friend's 50th

I've moved on finally...away from the Chocolate Pomegranate and on to the Almond Cream Cheese (found here). This one was my gift to a friend for his 50th birthday. I am really enjoying this whole cake-baking project; I thought after the first couple of weeks I would start to see making a cake as a chore and tire of it like I do so many other things that I take on because they sound oh-so-exciting at first thought, but, no, this is really, really fun. I don't see dust collecting on my bundt cake pan collection (by the way, I am up to five) anytime soon.


Megan said…
Seeing these yummy cakes makes me wish I could bake! I really need a new oven! Cupcakes are ok, but would never work for a cake such as yours! They are just beautiful! Maybe if I open my shop you could make the cakes!
Deborah said…
Thanks so much for the compliment, Megan! I am really enjoying making the cakes. The best part is sharing them and that people like them so much. I could bake for your shop if I had to bake only about four or five cakes a day. More than that would do me in...lol. I am willing to take orders and bake from home, though, until your bakery gets up and running.

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