Miles Davis and Garlic Ginger Pork Roast

Before I even had my first sip of coffee this morning, I was slicing garlic and shoving it into tiny little holes in a pork roast. Any idea how difficult that is? Let's not even go there. Then with a bit of inspiration from Miles Davis, I was mixing up a Ziploc bag full of pure goodness for a marinade: more garlic (can there ever be too much garlic?), onion, honey, Worcestershire sauce, lime, Dijon mustard, and ginger. Remember all that ginger that I have on hand?

It seems odd to be getting started on dinner before you have even eaten breakfast, but this little puppy needs to sit in the homemade garlic ginger marinade for the next eight hours. After sitting in the refrigerator for eight hours, the roast needs to sit on the counter for an hour to arrive at room temperature and then needs to spend about another hour and a half or so in the oven. Hopefully by about 7 p.m. tonight I will have a sweet little garlic ginger pork roast on the table.

In the meantime, let's go back to that morning cup of coffee, shall we? Ahhh.

P.S. Other than burning my arm on the roasting pan, all went well with the garlic ginger pork roast. Delish.


Brandon said…
That sounds delicious- and I have all of those things, too! Might have to give it a try!
Enjoy your coffee, and let me know how the roast turns out!
Deborah said…
I just put it in the oven...later than I wanted but I forgot to take it out of the fridge when I went to mass so that I could put it right in the oven when I got home. Estimated Time for Dinner (ETD) is now 8 p.m.
Andy said…
Sounds very good. I am sure that the marinade is a taste bud tingler.

However the photo doesn't do it justice. Perhaps consider a softer, indirect light source rather than just the flash to bring out the color and soften the contrast and shadows.
Deborah said…
Hi Andy, I've tried different techniques with taking the pics, but they either come out too dark or too light. My camera just plain stinks; I have never been happy with the picture quality. Do you have any affordable recommendations?
Andy said…
It's not your camera.

You can get indirect light by simply bouncing light from a "point" light source such as a light bulb off of a white ceiling or strategically placed (or held)white posterboard. Since you are bouncing light you will probably need several lights.

I would use halogen light bulbs.
Deborah said…
Thanks for the tips, Andy.

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