Oh, Sweet Kitchen Supply Store on a Sunday Afternoon

I spent some time in Bed Bath and Beyond today, so much time, in fact, that the sales dude kept coming up to me to ask if he could help. I was just wandering aimlessly up and down each aisle in the kitchen department. I had time, and I had no plan; I simply wanted to take my sweet ole time and look at everything, and I mean every thing because it has been a bit of time since I paid much attention to kitchen stuff. It was quite fun. After a while the sales dude was called to help out at the register, and I was a bit relieved at that.

And, no, I didn't buy anything cake related. I am pretty well stocked in that area for the time being. I bought a pink Brita pitcher water filtration system. I think it is funny that they call it a system when all it is is a pitcher with a filter cartridge that just plops down into the water and soaks up some of the invisible bad stuff that apparently wreaks havoc on our kidneys and liver. Calling it a system makes it sound a heck of a lot more sophisticated than the plastic contraption really is. Anyway, I just hope it does some good.

I also bought stainless steel salt and pepper mills, a couple of wine bottle stoppers, a kitchen rug, an egg slicer, and a new sink stopper (because I am pretty damned tired of filling the sink up with dishwater only to come back into the kitchen to find that it has all leaked out). I almost bought a spice rack and an AeroGarden but decided those things would have to wait for another kitchen shopping day. And the way things are going with my new love affair with the kitchen, another kitchen shopping day might not be so far off in the future.

P.S. I dusted off the breadmaker and am using it for the first time in months. Stay tuned for a dusting off of the juicer.

P.S.S. The new sink stopper doesn't work either.


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