Bundt Cake #10: Irish Cream

I made this one today for lunch, Irish Cream from the Kiss My Bundt cookbook (cakebook?). My parents are supposed to be coming. But they aren't here yet, and it is 12:10. Perhaps they forgot. If they did, then I have a lot to eat for lunch because I also made a big pot of split pea soup. Anybody free for lunch?

So they got here about 1...got lost.


Andy said…
Beautiful presentation. I would have second thoughts about cutting in to it!

I see the makings of a new show on The Food Network......The Bountiful Bundt, hosted by our favorite bundtress....etc.
Deborah said…
Oh, wouldn't that be the ultimate!! Would you like to market that idea for me?
Andy said…
Sure! Need glossy's, some bundt cakes and a compelling back story, such as "Deborah, down to her last savings, refused to sell that Bundt cake recipe book and determined then and there that Bundt baking, her true passion, would be the salvation fo her and her family. Overcoming bad lighting for cake photos she perservered to create this show, for you, the viewer looking for similar inspiration and motivation."

We could start it on the web, multiple YOUTUBE segments and then shop it around to the networks.

Deborah said…
So funny, Andy!

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