Bundt Cake #9: Chocolate Toffee Bundt Cake

This Chocolate Toffee Bundt Cake went to my American Literature class. We had a bit of a midterm celebration tonight that included lots of homemade sweets. This recipe was featured in the December/January 2010 issue of Taste of Home. In between bites we did discuss literature: Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones was the topic du jour a la mode.


Megan said…
It was so good! At first I was so excited because I thought you said "coffee" but was just as happy with toffee!Wish someone would have brought in coffee, though, with all those yummy treats!
Deborah said…
Yes, some coffee would have been nice...although I had a latte shortly before class. I do have a recipe for chocolate cafe au lait bundt cake that includes coffee yogurt and espresso powder. I bet that one is divine! Going to have to make it really soon!
Megan said…
Ohhhh, that sounds delicious! I will go to sleep dreaming of that!

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