Falling in Love with Julia

On my last trip to Barnes and Noble, I picked up Julia Child's My Life in France and have spent the better part of my spring break lying in bed reading. It's still a bit too chilly to sit on my deck; however, I did get out there for about a half hour or so earlier this week. Yesterday, though, was cloudy and rainy, the perfect kind of day for feeling less guilty about sitting in bed and reading an entire day away. I love this book, and I would have loved to have been Julia's friend. This woman truly lived.


Andy said…
She certainly did. I vaguely remember my mother trying some of her recipes for an unappreciative husband and kids.

After that I'm afraid that Julia became more entertainment than inspiration for my mother's culinary explorations.
Deborah said…
Andy, I am afraid to even look at any of Julia's recipes, much less try any of them, so kudos to your mother.

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