YogaDancing in Florida

I know I haven't had much to say lately. I've been "on the go" as they would say in Newfoundland. I spent March 19-21 at a YogaDance program in St. Augustine, Florida. Amazing. I am still processing the weekend and really can't even begin to describe it. (Lazy with words, I know.) But some things happen within the self and in the moment and really don't need to be described. This was one of those experiences.

So, in short, I spent a fabulous weekend yogadancing with about 14 very wonderful women. Love and good energy were overflowing. (Lazy with words again, I know.) We danced Friday evening, twice on Saturday, and once on Sunday in addition to a traditional yoga class Sunday morning. During off-time we took a little trek to the Atlantic Ocean. And I ate lots of really healthy things at a raw foods restaurant called Present Moment Cafe. Oh, and I learned to hula hoop. Can you even imagine how relaxed I was by Sunday evening? And what a high I was on throughout most of the next week? I joked that if I went into work Monday morning and was told that I was fired I would smile and say "okay." Or bow and say "Namaste."

Simply awesome, my friends. Simply Awesome.


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