The Run Before the Storm

I ran the same route as Monday but didn't wear my Forerunner to track distance and time because it is raining and too cloudy to pick up satellite signals. My distance for today, then, would be 2.15 miles (and I am positive my time would be much faster than before! lol). The impending "major snowstorm" was my motivation to get out today. We might have to pay for the past week of 60-degree weather by enduring a snowstorm! Can you believe it?! From 65 degrees all week to a high of 37 tomorrow and a winter storm watch until Friday morning. We might wake up Friday to five inches (or more) of snow!

My 180-mile roundtrip commute to Normal should be interesting tomorrow. Bloomington-Normal is under a winter storm warning--expecting an inch of ice glazed on the roads by afternoon and 6 to 12 inches of snow!!


Anonymous said…
I've just started training for the 5K that they have every year at Perry farm in May. I JUST started taking running seriously for the first time since I've been 15, when I played varsity tennis. I'm walking the first 0.25 mile, then running a mile, then finishing up with walking 0.50 miles. I'll get to that point again! It's sleeting right now so I'll be on the treadmill. I'll hopefully see you Friday, unles we have a snow day!
Deborah said…
Hi Maureen!
The Perry Farm race is a 4-miler. I have done that one before. Great place for a race. Good luck with your training! Keep me posted on how it is going.

We now have been upgraded to a winter storm warning, and Fox says we are in the zone for 8 to 14 inches of snow! I just hope I make it back from Normal before it gets too nasty. (But I am kind of hoping for a snow day tomorrow!)

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