From the Farmers Market

What a gorgeous sunny morning at the market! And even though the market isn't yet in full swing, the crowds are already out!

This week I bought sun-dried tomato hummus, homemade pita bread, free-range eggs, hormone-free ground beef patties and lamb italian sausage links, hormone-free chicken breasts, Italian bread, Amish tomato noodles, tomatoes, and green beans. I was hoping to pick up more asparagus to make soup, but there wasn't any asparagus this week; the vendor expects to have more next week.

Re: meal planning, I intend to cut up the chicken breasts into strips and then cook them up to put on that pita bread spread with hummus. Should be absolutely delish with some tomato and lettuce on top. As for the Amish noodles, I will saute some onion, green pepper, red pepper, and mushrooms in olive oil and then toss it all with the noodles. I already cooked up four of the ground beef patties for lunch today, melted some Swiss cheese on top, and served them up on fresh buns (made daily) from the Jewel bakery. Quite wonderful indeed.


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