My First Cake Sale!

This one doesn't count toward the Bundt Cake Project because I got paid to make this one! My very first cake sale! I am so excited. My good friend Deisy was my first customer, and she wanted straight-up chocolate. I was nervous about using a brand new recipe since this was official business, so I took that chocolate pomegranate recipe that everyone loves, loves, loves and switched out the fruity stuff for chocolatey stuff. Instead of pomegranate yogurt, I used chocolate yogurt, and instead of Pom juice, I used chocolate milk. I did put a little espresso powder in still because it just perks up anything chocolate. I topped it all off with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Sure hope they like it!


Anonymous said…
Congrats!! It looks delicious, I'm sure it tastes at least just as good.
Deborah said…
Thanks, Gina. She said it was really good! :)

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