Colorado: Living The Dream

Today I turned 52. 

I woke up to this. 
Here I sit on a beautiful deck at a vineyard in Palisade, Colorado, looking out at the majesty of vineyards and mountains with a soft breeze blowing through, listening to birds and other creatures and nothing else. Just sounds of nature. Hummingbirds buzzing around me. The soothing trickle of water steadily flowing into a rain barrel. 

I am drinking coffee, eating locally grown peaches and homemade muffins. I woke up to a beautiful card and homemade brownies from the host of this bed and breakfast -- a warm, thoughtful gesture. I am heartened that a "complete stranger" thought so much of me and my birthday that she started making me birthday brownies at 9 p.m. last night when she had to get up really early this morning for work. 

And I am so grateful and full of inner peace that I just can't move. Really. I don't want to move away from this spot, from this feeling, from this moment. It's everything. My soul has been yearning for this, and I don't want to rush on to something else. So I am not going to. I am going to savor this. My birthday plans then: a bit of writing, yoga outside here in this magical space, maybe a short bike ride to some of the wineries along the road, a lot of personal reflection. 

How it all lead to this is a long story. And I will begin to tell it bit by bit. 


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