Any New Year Goals?

I am going to say goals, not resolutions. Resolutions seem to have negative connotations, as in what we should give up or sacrifice, a type of punishment because we were so awful the previous year. We don't mention resolutions with enthusiasm; instead we seem to growl a bit as we mention them. That's why so many people say (with a growl), "I don't believe in making resolutions." So forget about resolutions. Think about goals. Think about three things that you would love to do this year. Three things that would make you happy. (And three things that are realistic. Sure, I would love to win the lottery and spend the entire year traveling around the world, too, but that isn't likely to happen this year.) Here are my three goals for 2010:
  1. Finish my Ph.D. (trying hard to state with enthusiasm and not a growl)
  2. Go on a backpacking trip
  3. Bike Wisconsin (from North to South)

And, now, what are your goals? You can look at this as sort of a friendly challenge.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I would like to find a ballroom dance partner, fall in love him and have him cook for me everyday as well as be my nutrition/science/exercise expert.

Other than that, I'm going to enjoy less TV and learn how to cook more as well....

Third, lose the last ten pounds off of my 130 pound body. I'm at 128 as of this morning, hurray for those butterflies that are taking up so much space :)
Deborah said…
Gee, I wonder who Anonymous could be? Sure doesn't sound like anyone I

About your goals, Anonymous, it looks like you have had a pretty good start to the new year. I am just sensing that, of course.

And I am not sure you need to lose ten pounds. I think I would stop at 125 if I were you.

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