Cake, anyone?

I have stumbled across a new obsession. Motivated by an article I just read in the December issue of Yoga Journal, I am now in bundt cake-making mode. In "The Joy of Baking," Rachel Meyer writes about her year of making bundt cakes as a journey of goodwill and spirituality. She decided to bake a bundt cake every week and give it away. On her website she tells great stories about her cakes and about the people she made them for. So inspiring.

So inspiring, in fact, I decided to embark on such a quest myself. This week I made my first bundt cake, Rachel's Honey-Spiced Chai Bundt Cake, and shared it with my colleagues at our division meeting on Wednesday. I'm thinking it was a success.

Here is my beautiful creation (I'm just a little proud):


Brandon said…
If there's one thing better than enjoying something you've cooked yourself, it's watching somebody else enjoy it. (Looks delicious, by the way!)
Deborah said…
Thanks, Brandon! Hope you had a good first day of the new semester!

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