Happy New Year!

I had a perfect New Year's Day. I met my friend Deisy at the state park, and we hiked six miles on the snow-covered trail in ten-degree weather. We started at Davis Creek and hiked to the three-mile marker and back. We hiked, talked, saw a few deer, took a few pictures, even ran into a running club aquaintance out cross country skiing. It felt good to get outside. I so often sit inside all winter (and put on a few extra pounds) because I don't want to face the cold; I have a hard time transitioning from the summer outdoor sports that I love (biking, running) to winter alternatives, but I am determined to get outside more this winter and take advantage of the snow. It was a wonderful walk, and I was plenty warm enough, a bit too warm at times and had to unzip my coat by the time we finished. I am hoping to get back out there in the next day or so, this time hiking from the five-mile marker to the eight-mile marker to get in more hill work. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010!


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