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Yesterday I hosted a little brunch for some good girlfriends. This is part of that I-want-to-cook-more-and-share-it-with-others thing that I have going for 2010. You know, life is short, as they say, and I think many of us don't spend enough quality time with people that we love. It sounds so cliche, but there really is so much truth to it. So I am trying to do more of that. Hence, I put on the pretty little apron that arrived this week (with plenty of clothing underneath, in case you are wondering) and cooked up a pretty nice little feast for four of my closest friends. The menu: pumpkin waffles, egg and ham casserole, sausage, lots of fruit, and mimosas (mmm, mmm). And we toasted to friendship.

At the moment, I am working on my bundt cake for the week. This one is going to a colleague who teaches in the automotive department for being so kind and taking care of some minor issues with my truck this past week. I am making another chocolate pomegranate because it was simply awesome and received rave reviews. This one is going to be a tad bit different from the last one; I am going to throw a few chocolate and white chocolate sprinkles atop this one along with a beautiful flower from a bouquet received yesterday from one of the girls. See how beautifully paying it forward plays out. (I will post a pic of the cake as soon as I get it frosted and decorated.)

Okay, here it is (#6):


Anonymous said…
The pomegranate cake was to die for, I would've made another one as well.

I'm actually going to bring those pies on Friday too... don't doubt me. I will.

Pie Fri-daaaaaayy!!
Anonymous said…
Deborah said…
I am sensing a food theme emerging in creative writing, and one that is going to stick around the entire semester...lol.

Thomas's song is definitely going to go down in history as one of those classic moments in teaching creative writing. Can't wait to see what else he comes up with!
Anonymous said…
I love that class. It is by far my favorite.

And, I will do my duty to ensure that the food theme does not... dare I say perish? all semester long. =)

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