Re: Cooking Books

Just wondering...what is the title of your favorite cookbook/book about food of the moment? And have you purchased any new cooking-related books lately?

The cookbook that I have been cooking a lot from lately is the Taste of Home Winning Recipes, which also is my latest cookbook purchase. I have been a fan of Taste of Home for a long time...perhaps ten years. I now own three Taste of Home cookbooks; as well, I have subscribed to the monthly magazine on and off for quite a number of years. Perhaps my favorite book about food is Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; I actually haven't read many books about food, but I am increasingly interested in doing so....seems to be my latest passion/distraction.


Andy said…
I have two books that I draw recipes from. The first is an older book, "The Complete Middle East Cookbook", by Tess Mallos(copyright 1979.It has a wide range of recipes that are authentic and for the most part lower in fat and healthy. I particularly like the Aushak, boiled leek dumplings with yogurt sauce and ground lamb. Amazingly my kids liked it to. It also has all the standards such as hummus, tabouleh, various rice pilafs, etc. All tend to be simple to prepare and relativley healthy. The second is "Spanish" which offers various entree and tapas recipes. I use the tapas recipes to whip up quick, light dinners.
Again, most of the recipes are simple and healthy. Still working my way up to paella, though.
Megan said…
I am not one for recipes: I will read one and then quickly make my own adaptations. However, I have an overflowing bookcase filled with cookbooks! When I worked at Barnes & Nobel, I found the most eclectic selection of bargain cookbooks there, you should check those out. But right now, I am cooking mostly venison (a very generous gift from my in-laws!) and finding it is more versatile than I originally thought.
Deborah said…
So now I am really drooling...boiled leek dumplings and ground lamb...rice pilafs...tapas. Wow...sounds delicious, Andy. I soon will venture toward the less standard fare; I have been thinking about buying a wok and trying some Asian dishes.

Megan, I love venison. What are you doing with it? Reading about venison is making me want moose...a Newfoundland staple!
Megan said…
Since my father in-law processed the whole deer for us, he gave us mostly steaks (butterfly, strips and small round), stew meat and roasts. The roasts I use for a few slow cooker dishes- pot roast with parsnips, rosemary & potatoes, "Italian Beef" (haha), an onion roast with creamy Yukon gold whipped potatoes, that sort of thing. The stew meat I do a lot with- makes excellent chili, hearty stews, wild mushroom stew (goes well with puglise bread and warm brie from Trader Joe's!). The steaks, I must say I need to find a good spice blend for. I have not been completely happy with what I have mixed up so far so I am still playing with it. Will let you know when it is perfected!

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