Bundt Cake #13: Another Chocolate Pomegranate

I made this one for my journalism class because I promised each class that I would make them a bundt cake, and, well, being that this is week 16 of the semester, I am behind on my cake baking and almost completely out of time. I still owe one to my modern world literature class. Here, the chocolate pomegranate resurfaces; it was requested by one of my students who spotted the other ones here on the blog. I changed this one up a bit; I added a half teaspoon of espresso powder to the cake to enhance the chocolate flavor and used vanilla frosting instead of chocolate.


Megan said…
They all look so good! And the one that you brought into class was so yummy! If I had to vote, I would go for the almond cream cheese or the chai spice... or maybe the choc pb...pr perhaps the choc pomegranate....... so delicious sounding! Keep it up, I think you have found a great hobby and would love to join you over the summer for a slice! I will bring some new stuff for you to read :)
Deborah said…
Thanks, Megan. Yes, definitely keep in touch this summer! I hope you will be writing and sending stuff off for publication!

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